We recognize that our activities have an impact on the world around us.
However, we are committed to minimizing negative impacts on the environment through a policy of thoughtful and responsible management.
In line with this policy, we engage in a process of environmental labeling, in partnership with the foundation Mohamed IV to the environment, to get the label "Green Key" that rewards environmentally friendly hostels.
To achieve our goals, we pledge to:
Educate our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community to environmental aspects.
Set goals and targets and create an environmental screening process. Continually improve our environmental performance and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.
We are happy to share with our customers means that we implement this policy through.
To do this, here are some actions taken:

- Solar panels, sanitary comfort.
- Low energy bulbs.
- Cleaning of premises, using a steam cleaner, requiring very little water.
- Establishment of a policy of towels on request, and agreement with our guests, no daily change ... this action also concerns the changing of linen.
- Cleaning products "Ecolabel" environmental protection. (Vendors: NATUROM and DARLINK).
Also concern our care products massage, shower gel, shampoo and bar soap.
- Garbage container sector, to enhance and make more accessible the sorting.
- More details of suppliers, to come to the site and the links of our partners: TOURISM ADS and FOUNDATION MOHAMMED V.

Thank you to become an actor of our environmental policy.