Cosmopolitan city, it perfectly combines tradition and modernity, while offering visitors a unique urban open-air museum with its architectural heritage and green zones, Rabat, Open City, is also home to traditional neighborhoods whose ancient medina of the twelfth century and the prestigious location of ministries, including the legacy of the Protectorate'' unique architecture can not be ignored.

The Rabat region also has great potential for discovery and cultural activities'' (lakes, Fantasia, various festivals, exhibitions etc.).

If the visit of the prestigious Mohammed V Mausoleum, where are buried the Kings Mohammed V and Hassan II and Prince Moulay Abdellah, brother of King Hassan II, is unavoidable, the many minarets and domes of Rabat and Salé are a most enjoyable and more typical of Moroccan destinations.

Whether for tourism, business or just passing through, everyone will find in Rabat and a privileged area of discovery, shopping and relaxation.
Welcome to Rabat, the magnificent capital of the Kingdom.


Do not miss:

-Kasbah Oudayas
-The old Medina, the Rue des Consuls
-The Mausoleum Mohamed V and Hassan Tower
-The Cathedral-The National Library
-The Arts-The Villa Marina and the marina
-The banks of Bouregreg
-The Necropolis of Chellah
The center-craft potters
-The Royal Palace
-The Royal Golf Dar Es Salam, one of the finest courses in the world
-Temara, the Kasbah and Stud

Située à 5 minutes du Riad El Maâti, vous pourrez prendre un thé à la menthe et des gateaux au café Maure à la kasbah des Oudayas , endroit magnifique surplombant la plage et les rives du Bouregreg.

The banks of Bouregreg:
Located 5 minutes from the Riad El Maâti, you can enjoy a mint tea and cakes at the cafe Maure Oudayas Kasbah, beautiful location overlooking the beach and the banks of Bouregreg.
The banks of Bouregreg:
- Listed Rabat, 5 minutes from the Riad, you will walk along the banks of the Bouregreg and there are cafes, tearooms and restaurants.
- Listed Salé, 10 minutes, the marina and restaurants, and Salt ... The city center of Rabat, its cathedral, shops, the train station is 5 minutes.
- The Chellah necropolis, the Mausoleum Mohamed V and Hassan Tower, 10 -15 minutes.
- The Royal Golf Club in Rabat, 15 minutes (motorized)


Rabat's inhabitants are happy and proud to welcome you to introduce you to Rabat, the white.

Between water and forest, Rabat inspired both the'' order, calm and nonchalance. Across the blue, deep blue sea and sky, nestled in the lush'' ocher ramparts, with a white city, here and there a minaret that plays with the clouds: Here the capital of Morocco.

Symbol of the renewal of the Kingdom, Rabat, is a destination of choice through its tourist infrastructure quality, famous restaurants, places of recreation, beaches, sports facilities and nightlife. '' It enjoys a logistical single access through an international airport, a network of railways and motorway connections of the largest in Morocco.