Our House offers an experience, a lifestyle, a true cultural immersion.
It is designed as an extension of personal residence, which invites us to feel at home is a home away from home.

She plays the card of authenticity. Only traditional materials were used for its renovation: tadelakt, wood, fabrics local rock salt. No overload or oriental pastiche, but a bias of sobriety with a contemporary. This trend is in the rooms, all furnished and decorated differently.
The decorations are typical traces of time and embellish the spaces to complete the magic.
The facade of the house is monumental. The pure white lime natural rivals to the blue sky. Sale of cut stone causes a homecoming. We find the warmth of cedar ceilings, traditional fabrics and wrought iron furniture. Thick carpets and soft colorful play contrast and enhance the natural colors of cushions and mattresses.

Sabra fabrics, organza and cotton sails to vivid or muted colors bring delight in the House.
We plunge into the cool bathrooms coated with natural tadelakt before slipping into the comfort of a cozy bed. When night falls, a discreet hand lights candles, lanterns and fireplaces, with the night creates another magic ...